Bipolar Causes

2013 Bipolar Update


Bipolar disorder is also widely known as manic depression. It is a condition hard to describe, causing the sufferers to alternate between periods of high excitement and periods of low depression in quick succession. It can very harsh if left untreated, sudden mania followed by depression and other moods in between.

It is also greatly inconsistent. It is characterized by serious mood swings that can include overindulgence in eating or drinking, poor temper control and impaired judgment that causes the patient to do things they ordinarily would not do. It is more prevalent in women than in men. Two thirds of sufferers are women.

No definite bipolar causes have been stated so far by the medical community. However, history has shown that genetic factors contribute to the heredity of the disorder. Studies show there is a higher chance of having a bipolar disorder if a parent or sibling suffers from it as well.

Other bipolar causes which is more probable is the result of one’s life experiences and how they were raised. In fact, the environment and kind of life to which a sufferer was exposed to when growing up are felt by many experts to be the main contributing factors.

Experts feel that regardless of the bipolar causes it can be devastating, and that beyond a certain level, it should not be handled as a matter of positive thinking and setting realistic goals. If an individual is in deep depression there is always the possibility of suicide and they need more than positive talk to bring them out of it. An advanced bipolar disorder can affect the mind’s biochemistry and needs to be counteracted using drugs.

Effects of a bipolar disorder are far reaching. The people living in close proximity to the sufferer will often feel sorry for the patient and may aggravate the situation by making the sufferers feel like failures or that there is nothing really wrong with them. It can also bring down members of the immediate family. It is particularly detrimental to young children if their mother is suffering from a bipolar disorder and disciplines them excessively. It is therefore necessary that people living with a manic depression sufferer be very supportive and kind. They should try to understand that the illness of bipolar causes their mood swings, not that they are bad people.

To end on a positive note, those with bipolar disorders can live normal lives if they will only go for treatment and follow the orders of their physician. This will probably include some drug therapy and possible a period of psychological treatment if it is an advanced case.

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