Bipolar Condition

2013 Bipolar Update

There are different degrees of a bipolar condition, but in this article were are going to discuss the more serious one. It is known as bipolar I and can create havok for the bipolar patient as well as those around them. It can easily cause lost jobs and broken homes as well as many other serious problems.

A bipolar I condition refers to a general class of psychiatric diagnosis describing fluctuations in mood ranging from extreme highs to extreme lows. A more common term for bipolar disorder is manic depression. Problems due to bipolar condition arise when the patient experiences psychosis which leads to delusions and hallucinations. In some cases, extreme degrees of bipolar can lead to suicidal tendencies. It is important to properly understand the nature of manic depression as well as the clinically-approved methods of treatment so one is better equipped to interact with people suffering from bipolar disorder.

There is no standard test to detect or confirm a bipolar condition but a general class of symptoms can be taken to suggest the onset of the condition. These can be subdivided into symptoms that suggest the breakout of a manic episode and symptoms suggesting a depressive episode. Depressive episodes are characterized by feelings of unhappiness that won’t go away, agitation and restlessness, loss of confidence for no apparent reason, a general feeling of helplessness, useless or inadequacy, impaired decision-making skills even with very simple decisions, inability to think positively, loss of appetite, sleeping problems, lack of sexual drive or a general disregard for sex, avoiding people, and suicidal tendencies.

A manic episode for people with bipolar condition, on the other hand, is characterized by a general feeling of happiness, a feeling of self worth or the sense of an inflated ego if not a general feeling of being “more important” than usual, having too many ideas all at once which can leads to fragmented conversations about a variety of topics, inability to sleep, a hyper-active sex drive, irritability, over-activity and spending money in a reckless manner.

If you know of somebody exhibiting these symptoms, it is very important to immediately consult with a psychiatrist for an early diagnosis. Early treatment can help reduce the severity and frequency of occurrence for manic depression or bipolar condition attacks. On the other hand, if the condition goes unchecked and it progresses, psychotic conditions can lead to reckless behavior that carries with it significant risks for the patient and possibly those with which they are in contact.

Typical treatment methods for individuals with a bipolar condition usually include a lithium treatment regimen. This method requires the supervision of a doctor because an overdose in lithium is also harmful. Other treatment methods for bipolar condition include anticonvulsants used in epileptic patients and atypical psychotics which are used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

There are also available psychological treatment routines to complement the intake of prescription medicine. These can include mood-monitoring techniques so the patient is more aware of the onset of a manic or depressive episode, mood-control strategies to assist in stopping mood swings before a full-blown attack, and more sophisticated methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy as offered by skilled psychiatrists.

Having a bipolar condition is a problem affecting 2.4% of the world population and 4.4% of Americans, this according to the latest statistics. Individuals with a bipolar condition need medical attention and support from loved ones as the mood swings can easily get out of hand. With enough medicines and therapy, the incidence of mood swings can be minimized and reduced to a level where it will not pose any harm to the patient and the patient’s family.

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