Bipolar Dating

2013 Bipolar Update

Bipolar Dating: Making it work

Bipolar disorder is a common mental disorder that affects the mood of an individual. However, while Bipolar disorder is mainly known for its effect on the mood of an individual, the residual effects of the disorder may affect one's social as well as personal life. Often, those close to the individual with a bipolar disorder may not easily comprehend their sometimes strange or aggressive actions. This is especially true if the individual themselves is not aware they have the condition.

Fortunately, bipolar disorder is easily treatable and can be controlled with the right combination of medication and therapy. Still, a number of bipolar individuals feel that their condition is a deal breaker when it comes to dating and relationships. However, this is not the case. Numerous individuals with bipolar disorder have successful romantic relationships with others as long as both parties are willing to work at making it successful.

Bipolar dating is not easy. No form of dating ever is. Whenever one begins dating, there is the usual nervousness. However, individuals with bipolar disorder may feel even more nervous due to their condition. It is important to know that this nervousness is normal. One of the most frequently asked questions relates to the disclosure time; the time that you can let that person know about your condition. Should you feel obligated to reveal it during the first few dates? Not at all.

Just like any other dating situation, psychiatrists say that it is not necessary to divulge personal problems right up front when starting bipolar dating. When a connection has been established whereby one feels the other person in the relationship is reciprocating the same feelings, then it may be time to honestly discuss there is a bipolar issue.

It is at this time that you should tell them all about your condition and let them make a decision for themselves as to whether they should go on with the relationship or not. By doing this, one may be able to save a lot of heartache to both parties were they not to disclose such information earlier. Moreover, during this stage of bipolar dating, it would be wise for the bipolar individual to discuss their condition and help them learn about the different cycles and what triggers them. This could help avoid any uncomfortable situations that may be encountered in the new relationship as a consequence of them knowing nothing about bipolar disorders.

Bipolar dating, as previously mentioned is not easy. In fact, it may take quite some time for your partner to come around. However, this is the case with all dating relationships. Bipolar dating will require work on the part of both parties involved for the newly formed relationship to succeed.

Unfortunately, the statistics concerning bipolar dating is not encouraging. Studies show that in the end only 10% of the relationships survive. However, since 10% of the relationships do result in long term commitments, this shows that it is possible.