Bipolar Disease

2013 Bipolar Update

Facts Concerning Bipolar Disease

Bipolar disease is a lifelong illness that usually begins during adolescence or early adulthood. Unfortunately many people are not diagnosed early and suffer the disease for years without treatment. Because the outbreaks or episodes may not happen but every few years and is many times associated with alcohol or drugs it is thought by family and friends to be a behavioral problem instead of a psychological one.

There are a wide variety of effective treatments available for those with bipolar disease. All that is needed is for the illness be recognized and presented to the proper medical professionals for diagnosis. With medication, counseling and group support a bipolar individual can live a life as normal as anyone else.

The sad thing about untreated bipolar disease is it can cause loss of employment, marital breakups and possibly suicide. Even if most of the time the individual is able to live a normal life, during an episode of mood swings they can do things that are almost impossible to correct. At times they run up huge debts while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they alienate most of their friends and family members with their abnormal and sometimes bizarre behavior.

One of the main problems with bipolar individuals are their reluctance to be treated. They do not see their problem as needing treatment and after the episode is over they rationalize they will be able to refrain from repeating the action again. However, this is a bad judgment call as an untreated bipolar disorder will only get worse as time goes by. The only hope for a normal life is treatment, and if they refuse it their problems and abnormal behavior will only escalate.

The fortunate bipolar individuals who enter treatment can very quickly bring their problems to a halt. Once they have been diagnosed as to which category they belong to in the bipolar spectrum, the correct medication, treatment and counseling can be provided. Once their mind is on stable ground, they can study and learn more about the disease for themselves. Knowledge is an important tool of defense for abstaining from a bipolar attack.

One thing a person with bipolar disease needs to learn is the things that could possibly set off an attack and be on guard against them. Studies have found that some of the things that seem to cause problems with bipolar patients are reoccurring health problems, lack of sleep, stressful situations and death of a close friend or family member. Once a bipolar individual understands and recognizes their own symptoms, they can take action to prevent an episode from occurring.

There are varying degrees of bipolar disease, most patients being bipolar I or bipolar II. Bipolar I is the most serious of the two and is better known as manic depressive. However, though this sounds to be a very complex and complicated disease, it can still be kept under control with medication. In today's world there is no reason for individuals with a bipolar disease to not have happy fruitful lives.