Bipolar Disorder Help

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Bipolar Disorder Help

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that causes extreme shifts in mood, energy and the ability to carry out even the usual day to day tasks that the average person must deal with. A bipolar condition can cause poor job and school performance as well as damage relationships with both friends and family. There are even instances of bipolar individuals committing suicide and for this reason anyone who feels they may have a bipolar condition needs to seek bipolar disorder help.

Though it can occasionally develop in older adults bipolar disorder signs usually appear in the late teens or early adulthood. Over half of all bipolar disorders occur before age 25.

People who have a bipolar disorder go through intense emotional states called mood episodes. One is called the manic episode and the other is called the depressive episode.

During a manic episode an individual with a bipolar disorder will have long periods of appearing to be over-joyed and happy with life in general. They talk extremely fast and may change the topic of a conversation very fast. During a manic episode a bipolar individual will have an unrealistic belief in their abilities and usually behave impulsively while seeking pleasurable experiences. They are restless, sleep little and may participate in unprotected sex, drug and/or alcohol abuse and spending sprees they can not afford. During this period it is hard to convince them they need bipolar disorder help but their actions may require immediate hospitalization.

During a depressive episode the bipolar individual will have a personality totally different from their manic state. They will have days or perhaps weeks of feeling worried and totally distraught with their life. They have no interest in things they once enjoyed and feel rundown, empty and want to spend a lot of time sleeping. The depressive episode can be especially dangerous as this is when many bipolar disorder patients think of death and suicide. During this period friends or family members need to take action to see the individual gets bipolar disorder help.

Although there is currently no cure for bipolar disorders, proper treatment can give bipolar individuals the help needed to better control their mood swings and allow them to lead a relatively normal life.

The standard treatment for bipolar disorder patients include medication and perhaps some psychotherapy for preventing relapses. Though it is not an easy task, bipolar individuals should realize they have a lifelong illness they must learn to deal with just as a diabetic must learn to live with their condition. A bipolar disorder is a disease like any other disease and needs to be treated. Seeking bipolar disorder help is not any different from seeking help for any other medical problem.

There are different degrees of bipolar disorders and the medication given will be based upon how serious the disorder is. Sometimes it may take a few weeks or even months to get the most beneficial medication regimen as everyone reacts differently to different medications.

One thing a person can do when seeking bipolar disorder help is to obtain as much knowledge about their illness as possible. Knowledge will help them to foresee an oncoming manic or depressive episode and take action to prevent it.

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