Bipolar Disorder Medication

2013 Bipolar Update

Bipolar Disorder Medication

A bipolar disorder is a long term mental condition that is treated with different types of bipolar disorder medication. Some people take a variety of medication in order to overcome or take control of their bipolar disorder. These medications can have some side effects but can also give balance to the life of the bipolar patient.

Bipolar disorder medication can help manage and control this medical condition when taken as prescribed. When the medication is stopped the disorder will be more frequent and consistent until the patient starts taking it again for a two week period. Bipolar disorder medication can relieve manic symptoms, depression and restore the ability to function in the everyday world.

Finding the right medication can be difficult because everyone is different. It may take weeks or months until the best prescription is found and takes effect. Taking medication will be for a long term period and just like a diabetic taking insulin it needs to be an important and consistant part of the patient's medical treatment.

Bipolar disorder medication can change a persons mood as well as help them maintain a clear thinking process. Most patients also find therapy beneficial since it helps them understand how to control their attacks should one occur.

Lithium has been used for years to treat bipolar disorder and Epilepsy drugs prescibed to be a blocker for the disorder symptoms. However, here are new and more efficient drugs entering the market all the time that show even greater promise in helping this disorder.

Manic depression and bipolar have been confused for one another for years since they often carry the same symptoms, so medication given was not as effective. Since misdiagnoses was the cause of not prescribing the right medication it was often done by trial and error until the correct drug and dosage was found. Since there can be different phases of a bipolar disorder many doctors consider manic depression and bipolar one - the most serious bipolar disorder - to be the same.

How do you know if you are bipolar and if you need to take bipolar disorder medication? If you at times have mood swings that go from an exaggerated high to an exaggerated low in a fast period of time and seems to be getting worse in severity and intensity you need to be tested for a bipolar disorder to help yourself and those you care about. A bipolar condition can cause many serious family and work related problems.

When a bipolar individual is in their high period, they are overexcited, over talkative and have a great amount of energy. When they crash from this high period to a low period they feel the total opposite of their previous feelings. The switch is usually a quick one and then the sadness, anger and even depression sets in rapidly. This can be a trying experience for the one that is bipolar because they don't understand why this happens. Many people who have this disorder have a tendency to have an addiction dependency and a host of other problems, so it is best to get treated and get on a regiment of bipolar disorder medication to live as normal and happy life as possible.

Bipolar disorder medication throughout the years has improved and many are still in the testing stage. These medications can have positive effects on 5.7 million people, many of which are under the age of 18. All are FDA approved and can vastly improve the lives of those with a bipolar disorder.

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