Bipolar Disorder Quiz II

2013 Bipolar Update

Many of us and our family may be affected by a diagnosable mental condition called bipolar. Often people use the term "Bipolar Disorder" very loosely without understanding the signs or symptoms of the disease. What are some identifiable factors and behavior connected with Bipolar Disorder? Take our bipolar disorder quiz below and see if you know some of the facts and signs. Of course, always seek the advice of a healthcare professional when diagnosis of any mental disorder is in question.

Bipolar Disorder Quiz Questions:

True or False

1. - Over five million American adults are affected every year by Bipolar Disorder.
2. - Manic depressive Disorder is also known as Bipolar Disorder.
3. - In order to be diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, the person must suffer from manic and depressive episodes.
4. - Healthcare professionals will use the patient's past experiences and personal observations in their diagnosis of Bipolar.
5. - The onset of full symptoms begins in late adolescence or young adulthood.
6. - It is possible for both mania and a depressive episode to occur simultaneously.
7. - According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), a person would have to reach a state of elevated irritability, as well as other symptoms, for one week for mania diagnosis (less if hospitalized).
8. - Genetics and family history may be a factor in Bipolar Disorder.
9. - A severe case of a depressive episode may include psychotic episodes.
10. Manic episodes may include indulgent shopping sprees, grandiose feelings accompanied by delusional thoughts.

All of the statements to this bipolar disorder quiz are true. If you answered "true" to all of the ten questions, then you have a good starting point in recognizing Bipolar Disorder.

There are many professional healthcare providers available throughout communities to identify the Bipolar individual. Treatment is available for Bipolar Disorder as well as promising hope on the horizon as research continues for this mental disorder.

Having a bipolar disorder can cause many serious problems. These problems occur not only to the person who has the disorder but to those with whom they come in contact. It is a life long illness and there is currently no medical treatments or medication that can present a complete cure. This is why taking a bipolar disorder quiz is important if you feel your or someone you care about may have it.

The good news is in this day and age there is no reason for a bipolar individual to live anything less than a happy and fulfilling life. Even there are no available cures, there are now medications which when taken as prescribed by the physician can keep the problem totally under control. Most of the problems that occur with the bipolar person is when they stop taking their medication or they have never been correctly diagnosed as being bipolar and their treatment is incorrect.

If you are not certain what constitutes being bipolar this is the simplest explanation which can be given.

Individuals with a bipolar disorder are known to display very large and abnormal mood swings. First they are feeling on top of the world where they know everything, can accomplish anything and being alive is fun and exhilarating. In extreme cases they may possibly even have illusions and hallucinations. During this manic period they often make very unwise decisions that can effect their life and commit acts they normally would not commit. Usually after this feeling of being high on life has passed, their mood changes quickly and they are in the depths of depression and all of their emotions are the total opposite of what they were feeling earlier.

We hope this bipolar disorder quiz has been helpful. If you would like to know more about bipolar disorder, be sure and read some of our other articles. You may also want to bookmark our page as we add other information as it becomes available.