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2013 Bipolar Update

Bipolar Quiz Information

The Bipolar Disorder Quiz is a brief questionnaire used to diagnose possible symptoms of this mental illness. The quiz is a self-administered test and consists of up to 15 questions that help identify both manic and depressive indicators of bipolar. It can be done at a health centre or you can take the test on the internet from number of online sites.

The test is designed for persons 18 years or older and who have had a minimum of one, severe depression incident that has impaired their ability to function normally at work or home, or interfered with their personal relationships. It can therefore not be used to diagnose bipolar in children.

The origin of the bipolar disorder quiz is the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) that was created by a group of doctors, researchers and psychiatrists led by Dr. Robert M.A. Hirschfield of the University of Texas. The MDQ was developed to screen for bipolar I and II disorders and was validated through a study group of adult psychiatric outpatients.

MDQ consists of 16 yes/no questions. The scoring guidelines are that a positive rating occurs if you answer ‘yes’ to seven or more of the items, if several of the incidences took place concurrently and whether there was any negative impact on relationships and social interactions . The quiz questions revolve around specific symptoms and general behaviors, and the questions can be grouped into 5 broad categories:

1.Experiencing of 13 behaviors specifically linked to bipolar disorder
2.Whether any of the symptoms checked ‘yes’ occurred together at the same time
3.The severity of the symptoms
4.Family history of mental illness
5.A previous diagnosis of mental illness

Another bipolar disorder quiz type is the Goldberg Bipolar Screening Quiz. Like the MDQ, it is designed for people 18 years or older who’ve experienced at least one incidence of depression. The Goldberg bipolar questionnaire, developed by physician Ivan Goldberg, has 12 multiple choice questions and can be taken online. Another version is the Jasper/Goldberg Adult ADD Questionnaire. The 24 item multiple choice questionnaire is used to diagnose ADD or ADHD in adults, which present similar symptoms to bipolar.

While the original MDQ is not suitable for testing children and teenagers, a ‘Parental Version’ has been created and tested as a bipolar disorder screening tool for adolescents. The study group consisted of psychiatric outpatients between the ages of 12 – 17 years.

Does a positive quiz result mean you have bipolar result? Not necessarily. This tool is one of many used for making an accurate diagnosis of bipolar disorder. A full medical evaluation must be carried out by a doctor to conclusively rule out other mental or physical ailments that may present parallel traits to bipolar. You may opt to take the bipolar disorder quiz privately online but the you should share the results with your doctor or counselor for a professional analysis.

Furthermore, some researchers argue that the surrounding circumstances of study groups in outpatient psychiatric settings are different from those of the general population.

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