Bipolar Maintenance

2013 Bipolar Update

Bipolar Maintenance

One of the most important facets of the treatment for bipolar disorder is bipolar maintenance. Basically, there is no quick and easy way to fully make the illness go away. Instead, completely healing a bipolar patient requires years of treatment. The eventual success of the procedure relies on the success of the intervening years when bipolar maintenance takes precedence over the diagnostic part of the treatment regime.

The period of bipolar maintenance revolves around regular doctor visits combined with antipsychotics to help manage the chemical imbalances in the brain. Depending on the exact nature of the bipolar disorder, the antipsychotics are purposely tailored to respond to the exact condition that the patient is feeling. As such, there is almost always a different prescription for any bipolar patient making it a little bit complicated to follow through a prescription if you are not exactly aware of the nature of the disorder.

To maximize the potential of this period of bipolar maintenance, take note of the following essential pointers:

1. Make sure the patient sticks to the exact medication as prescribed. There should be no missed days, no reduced dosage, no delays in the time that the medicine is administered. This is where the help of family members and friends become important.

2. The bipolar maintenance period is also the perfect time to gauge the effects of the medication routine. Are the attacks getting less severe and few and far between or are there no perceived changes to the severity of the condition? Doctors need this information to adjust the prescription as required.

3. Social scenarios underscore the crux of the bipolar maintenance period. Slowly but surely, a patient should gradually reintegrate to society taking time to meet new friends and sustain conversations in a natural manner. They should be able to hold down a working position. Social exposure is important because it helps to quantify the effects of the medication but also because it has a dampening effect that allows for faster recovery in most observed cases.

To complete the scenario on bipolar maintenance, regular doctor visits should always be maintained. Only the doctor can prescribe changes to the medication routine depending on the progress of the treatment as backed by observations from family members and loved ones. Visits should be done at least twice a year during the bipolar maintenance stage so the patient can be assessed as necessary.

While a bipolar disorder is not an easy illness to treat, it certainly is not an impossible task to bring a patient back to full health. When considering this, the bipolar maintenance period provides one of the most important opportunities to slowly but effectively reverse the effects of bipolar disorder. Doctor visits combined with targeted medication and an increasing exposure to social situations creates a feeling of normalcy which undoubtedly promotes health, wellness, well-being, and complete freedom from the ill effects of bipolar disorder.

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