Dating Someone With Bipolar

2013 Bipolar Update

Advice On Dating Someone With Bipolar Problems

It is not uncommon to find someone in a relationship where they are dating someone with bipolar disorder. In fair terms, that should not pose any problems. This is especially true if the relationship is founded on genuine attraction and a mutual desire to get to know each other better. Unfortunately, even as normal relationships are complicated enough as they are, adding the “bipolar disorder” element into the equation only serves to complicate matters even more. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll talk about what to expect when dating someone with bipolar disorder, look at the issue from the perspective of the person with bipolar disorder, and how best to deal with the situation to give it the best chance of success.

One of the main attributes of bipolar disorder is that a person typically becomes unpredictable when it comes to responding to external stimuli. At any given time, mania or depression can cause that person to swing from being hyperactive to being passive without warning. Both of these situations require a different approach in terms of dealing with the patient, but given that there is no way to predict which bipolar condition will manifest at any time, the task becomes next to impossible.

Of course, relationships are founded on the basis of stability and a sense of connection. Especially at the dating stage of any relationship when both parties are still getting to know each other, bipolar conditions can put a dead stop to things and easily derail a genuine and deep connection from forming.

From the perspective of the person with the bipolar disorder, the task is also not easy. Opening up to a new acquaintance, one that can become a potential partner, that you have a bipolar disorder is not one of the most flattering attributes that you can divulge about yourself. On the other hand, a complete lack of heads-up on the part of that partner will preclude him or her from understanding the real meaning behind your actions which may seem irrational at certain times at best.

When dating someone with bipolar disorder, consider the following suggestions to give the relationship the best chance of progressing forward:

· As the person with bipolar disorder, it might not always be easy but you will have to talk about the condition early on in the dating stage. Allow the pieces to fall into place and allow those who are determined to work it out help you through the healing process.

· As the person dating someone with bipolar disorder, you can do your own research in order to understand the disease. The least that you can do is try to study about the illness and give it a chance to work out.

· As a potential couple, you can go through the understanding bipolar process together and see if the relationship progresses further. An essential element that will greatly help with successful relationships is familiarizing yourself with the cycles of the patient. If you can make sense of the cycles and anticipate them from happening, you stand a better chance of being prepared to deal with the effects of the bipolar disorder.

Dating someone with bipolar disorder is never easy but there are things both parties can do to try to make it work. True, normal relationships are hard enough as it is but with constant communication and an open acceptance of the person with bipolar disorder combined with a common goal to grow together in the relationship, it is not impossible to turn dating someone with bipolar disorder into a long lasting relationship.