Do I Have Bipolar Disorder

2013 Bipolar Update


Bipolar Disorder is a manic depressive disorder which literally takes over your life. There is no such thing as being “mildly” or “slightly” bipolar. There are only extremes involved with this disorder. Everyone has emotional ups and downs every now and again but most people can still maintain a grip on reality. Not if you suffer from Bipolar Disorder. If this sounds familiar and you have asked yourself the question, “Do I have Bipolar Disorder”, then you should continue reading.


There are clear cut symptoms of Bipolar Disorder which are divided into two groups: Extreme highs, called Manic Episodes.
Extreme lows, called Depressive Episodes.

Sufferers of Bipolar Disorder can often have episodes in which both manic and depressive Episodes are prevalent. This would be called a Mixed Sate. Sufferers would experience tremendous shifts in sleeping patterns, general energy levels, mood and general activities.

Imagine for a moment that your mood is so good that it feels as if you are invincible. You are walking on clouds, spending money as if there is no tomorrow, you believe you can get a better job as you are so fantastic and you quit your job with no notice given. Alternatively, you can within mere minutes change into an unrecognizable person. Depressed, crying, sapped of any energy, only wanting to crawl into bed alone, huddle under the blankets, wanting never to wake up again. This is Bipolar Disorder.

It changes not only you, but your whole life and the way everyone around you perceive you. You are confused, emotional, tired of the ups and downs and constantly in a battle with yourself.


It would very much depend on whether you are having a Manic or Depressive episode. During a Manic episode you would not be able to focus on any thought or object for any period of time. You would be talking fast, feeling as if your mouth can’t keep up with the speed of thought in your brain. You would be restless, unable to keep still. You might be involuntarily tapping your foot or snapping your fingers. You would not think twice about doing something risky and you would be extremely excitable.

During a Depressive episode you will feel devoid of any emotion, feelings or thoughts. You will feel as if your body is an empty shell and as if your soul has left you. You will have no confidence, no motivation and no inspiration. You would stop doing things you usually enjoy, pulling back from social encounters completely. You would be indecisive, unable to concentrate and reclusive. If you have most of these symptoms the answer to the question - Do I have Bipolar Disorder? - is problably yes.


Get help. Immediately. Bipolar Disorder can escalate and make your life a living hell. There is no cure for Bipolar Disorder, but with medication and psychotherapy you can manage your symptoms and lead a balanced life. Make sure those around you are aware of your condition. It is hard for them to comprehend if they don’t know. Once they know, the day to day support they can give you will be one of the things which can pull you out of a relapse.

Do I have bipolar disorder? Only a professional can tell you for sure, but we hope this article has helped answer the question.