Living with Someone Bipolar

2013 Bipolar Update

Tips On Living with Someone Bipolar

Living with someone bipolar can be a challenging moment in anyone’s life and it is important to understand the nature of the illness and the patient so you know to react accordingly.

Because bipolar disorder is characterized by unpredictable mood swings – from elevated highs to deep lows – spotting the mood change beforehand and knowing how to react regardless of the circumstances can go a long way into ensuring that your loved one gets adequate support as well as minimization of stress on your part. Again, living with someone bipolar is never an easy thing so do your own bit of research and be patient when dealing with somebody who has diagnosed of bipolar disorder.

The first thing to remember is to not try and solve the problems raised by your loved one suffering from bipolar disorder. In most cases, your efforts to solve these problems will fall on deaf ears. Because of the disorder, people can act irrationally which makes rationalization just about the most futile thing that you can do to address the problem. Instead, be patient and go through the routines of medication, meditation and relaxation so you can eventually learn to help in treating the condition and not just the symptoms.

Another common problem found in living with someone bipolar is that it is very easy to put pressure on the patient to recover quickly and once this does not happen, we oftentimes – and rather quickly – get frustrated and stressed out. Maintain realistic expectations with regard to eventual cure so you can slowly but surely guide the patient to full recovery. Living with someone bipolar means that you have to remember all the time that in most cases, it is the illness that is at work and not the personality or character of the person. Bear in mind that bipolar disorder is an actual disease not different from those with physical manifestations so exercise due care and be practical with your expectations of cure and recovery.

An almost expected part of living with someone bipolar is at times hearing suicide threats. Take these threats seriously! The illness, as mentioned, can easily lead the patient to think irrationally hence everything is in play for the patient. Do not disregard suicide threats, but instead do what you can to encourage the patient to seek professional assistance and try to calm them down as best you can while keeping a close eye on them.

In the same way, make sure to be as open and honest with doctors as much as you can as any information can be crucial in providing a quick diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes friends or family members want to protect and hide a patient's illness. However, this only serves to slow the diagnosis and recovery process. It is better to adopt a more open stance when it comes to providing information to professional medical personnel. This will make their job a lot easier.

At times individuals with Bipolar I, which is the worse condition, have manic episodes in which they have hallucinations which they perceive to be real. If you are living with someone bipolar, and witness this, it is time to call for professional help as it could become a dangerous situation. Manic esisodes with hallucinations needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Always take a deliberately calm approach to any circumstance involving someone with a bipolar disorder so they are not triggered into doing something that can have serious repercussions to themselves, their assets, and their relationships.

In any case, maintain contact with a counselor and a psychiatric clinic that can assist you and your family at a moment’s notice. Understand that living with someone bipolar often times will require you to seek help and intervention outside of your home. Accepting this reality will reduce the complications of dealing with someone bipolar and provide caregivers with the piece of mind they are not alone. Keeping in touch with medical professionals will also shorten the time it takes to find a way to get the illness under control in the relatively shortest time possible.

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