Living With Someone Who Is Bipolar

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Living With Someone Who Is Bipolar

Bipolar disorder is mental illness that can affect any person at any time. In most cases, one may not know that they have bipolar disorder until the symptoms become rather obvious. While the condition is quite stressful on the person with the condition, it is just as stressful and tiring for their loved ones.

Living with someone who is bipolar is not easy at all. The bipolar patient's frequent mood swings tends to strain the relationships that they have with other people as these most do not understand the bipolar condition. However, it is not uncommon to find a number of people living with someone who is bipolar. These may be the bipolar patient’s spouse, children or just their friends and loved ones.

Living with someone who is bipolar requires that one shows unconditional love and support to the person with the condition. Moreover, one has to familiarize themselves with the disease and its symptoms so as to know the triggers and how to avoid them. Bipolar individuals should also try and always take their medication and make as easy on their loved ones as possible.

As mentioned earlier, bipolar disorder affects a person’s mood with a number of individuals changing moods quite erratically. At one point in time, the bipolar patient may be unusually happy and a short time later unusually depressed. The two characteristic episodes of the bipolar condition are thus, mania and depression. By looking out for the symptoms of each of these episodes, one can learn how to cope with the person with the bipolar condition.

There are some things that one will have to observe when living with someone who is bipolar. This includes having realistic expectations about the condition, as well as knowing how to deal with the different symptoms of each of the episodes.

Having a hopeful outlook on the condition can really help the person suffering from the disorder. While there is no known cure for the illness, bipolar individuals can live quite well with the condition. However, this success is only achieved through the aid of their loved one’s support and love and with their own coping with the disease.

Living with someone who is bipolar requires that one knows how to deal with different symptoms of each of the episodes. This includes suicide threats, as well as manic episodes. Suicide threats should be taken quite seriously instead of being ignored as bipolar patients at times act on their threats. Moreover, one should encourage their loved one to seek immediate professional help. Counseling through therapy and the correct medications has proven to be quite successful in treating the symptomatic effects of the illness.

When dealing with mania symptoms, one should carefully watch the bipolar patient’s expenditures as they tend to be quite reckless with their money. While the person may insist that they are well, one should always keep a watchful eye that they do not go overboard in their activities. Sometimes it is best if the bipolar individual permit their spouse or loved ones to handle the finances.

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